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Welcome to Parenthood

You probably find yourself thinking, "Why didn't anyone tell me this was going to be so hard? I'm not even sure what to do," more often than you care to admit. 

Instead of being surrounded with innate wisdom and tangible support day and night like families used to be in the proverbial village, today we're scrolling through countless (very selective) social media highlights. You compare what you feel inside - you know, those "I'm totally freaking out" moments - to the carefully curated photos your friends share. You're supposed to wear your smile and sleep deprivation like a badge of honor and hide your questions, tears, or bad days out of view.

young couple takes a crafted selfie with their infant

What you see shared

stressed out couple holding crying baby

What doesn't get posted


The truth is, every family has their struggles, and some parents are scared to talk about how hard life with a baby really is. You don't want to seem like the only one - or worse, ungrateful.

Of course you're excited! Having a baby is a time of joy, especially if you've had to work extra hard to get here! And it's okay (and totally normal) if it's also a time where you're feeling things like fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and isolation. 


Once you welcome baby home, everything will probably seem upside down and unfamiliar.

The chores are piling up, the baby is crying, and you're wondering if your life will even be able to find a normal groove now. Not to mention, you're exhausted. You wonder, "Will I ever sleep again?!" 

Suggestions and advice from friends and family are well-meaning but they don't always feel quite right. Or maybe they feel okay but they sound impossible. It's hard to make decisions through the fog of tiredness. 

You feel like you're drowning. Or maybe you're still treading water but running out of energy fast. You need help. But you don't know how to ask for it, or you don't want to be a bother to anyone. 



You're just supposed to suffer through it, right? Welcome to parenthood after all. 

confused baby

Welcome to a Better Version of Parenthood with Phoenix Family Birth

We believe in a better way. We believe in pregnancy and parenting as a real, honest, and intricate experience. You don't need to put on a show or be a martyr. Emotions don't come in neat little packages. They're complex and sometimes messy. And now you have a baby to consider, too. 

newborn fingers wrapped around the hand of the parent

We get it! Your doula won't judge you. We'll celebrate the good moments with you and support you in any way you need during the tough moments. We're experts in problem solving. 

Our diverse team of doulas doesn't just care about babies, we care about families. You and your baby must be mutually cared for if your family is to thrive. The well-being of one affects the well-being of the other. Emotionally, physically, logistically. Those sayings like, "You can't pour from an empty cup," and, "Secure your oxygen mask before assisting your child or another passenger," are so very true. 

But how?


Our team will help you establish the cornerstones of thriving with a baby:

Support. Solutions. Sleep. 


You don't have to give up the authentic you to kick ass at pregnancy, birth, or parenthood. Imagine a world where you feel loved and listened to, where you're rested and relaxed. You are in control and make decisions with confidence instead of fear. 

Using our personal experiences and professional knowledge from supporting hundreds of families over the years, we'll teach you lots of ways to connect the dots from here to there and reach your goals. You tell us which way fits your family's dynamic and what makes the most sense to you.


Then you'll have us right there with you while you implement and adapt your plan. Pregnancy, birth, and parenting rarely go according to Plan A, but you can count on the consistent support of your doulas through any changes along the way. No bias, no judgment, no unsolicited advice. We exist to care for your family however that needs to look.

We don't believe in any one philosophy or style. You're an expert in raising your family; we'll affirm that you can do it, show you how, and stay alongside you every step. 

Our only agenda is that you feel cared for, supported, and confident.


Confidence starts with one click.