Dear Phoenix Families,

It is with a bittersweet feeling in my heart that I inform you that Phoenix Family Birth, LLC is no longer accepting birth and postpartum clients or scheduling classes as of January 15, 2019. We will, of course, provide currently contracted clients with the same extremely high standards of care and professionalism that you’ve come to know and depend on.

Over the years, is has been our sincere joy to directly serve almost 400 new and growing families across the Phoenix metro area (and several other cities across the country). We never ceased to be humbled by the strength and knowledge displayed by parents, partners, extended family, and even the babies themselves. We have held hundreds of hands, shared thousands of laughs, and changed more diapers than we could probably count. It is not lost on us that each of these moments was an intimate invitation into the beauty and challenges of parenthood and we are so deeply honored to have been welcomed into these profound changes with you.

Life – in all its unexpected wonder – has presented many of our team members with big changes over the last year. Some of these changes were exciting occasions and others were formidable tests of strength and resilience. These adventures have pulled some of the PFB team, myself included, in new directions and given opportunities to grow in new ways and new fields.

When I founded Phoenix Family Birth, it was the first and only doula agency in the community. We really shook up the “doula world” around here! However, I’m so very happy to see that within the last year, other wonderful doulas have adopted the agency model of care. This means more access to reliability, sustainability, and professionalism for families across our city – no matter what your goals and style are as a parent. That is why I founded Phoenix Family Birth, so I know that our mission lives on for you all and we leave you in magnificent hands.

Though we are saying farewell to our doula agency as we know it, I’ll never be ready to stop fighting for and working with families to have the critical comforts of Support, Solutions, Sleep. With that in mind, I will continue to offer Sleep Training care to families nationwide and I would be more than happy to provide referrals to trusted doulas locally should you need.

My team and I wish you continued happiness, good health, and baby snuggles. You are loved and appreciated, and most of all, you are incredible parents. 

In gratitude,

Bethany Sawhill
Founder, Owner, and Family Care Coordinator