You Have the Perfect Birth Experience All Planned Out...

You know exactly what is happening in your body and with your baby at each stage of labor. You have an arsenal of techniques to help you manage your approach: physically, mentally, emotionally. You have a clear role for each person in your birth room and you have built a dream team to surround and support you once your baby is home. You know the questions to ask to help you stay in control and make decisions with the utmost confidence that they are right for you, no matter what.

You are fully ready to achieve your goals and rock your birth.

Or maybe not… yet. We Can Help With That!


The classes at Phoenix Family Birth are comprehensive, interactive, and entirely designed with you in mind. We don't teach one birth style or one parenting approach. We teach you to be aware of options, ask effective questions, communicate your needs successfully, and how to determine the best course of action for your family.  Our classes are meant to open conversations and build confidence in a safe setting through lessons that incorporate evidence-based text, videos, and live demonstrations. 

Traversing Birth
Signature Childbirth Education Course

Every birth is an ongoing experience, not just a single destination. Our signature childbirth education course is taught by our owner, Bethany Sawhill, with an emphasis on helping both parents feel secure in your birth journey. You will work together to determine what you want your birth to look like, and you will learn strategies to implement in pregnancy and labor to prepare for that plan as well as any variations of it. Whether you envision an unmedicated birth, you know an epidural is the best choice for you, or you're anywhere between, Traversing Birth is the perfect fit because it is an evidence-based, balanced approach that is not limited to one birthing method. If this birth is a familiar road or you're blazing a new trail, this class will prepare you to remain in the driver's seat and make confident decisions on the map through your personal birth adventure. 

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3 - 2 - 1 ... Baby!
The Power of Parenting Preparation

Your baby is here, hooray! But now what? Prepare for what comes next: the lasting impact of caring for your baby - and yourself - in during your early parenting days. Three complete classes woven together over two sessions in one course, 3-2-1 ... Baby! teaches you the solid foundations of breastfeeding and newborn care while integrating Dunstan Baby Language throughout. During this course, you will learn how to distinguish between five distinct cries your baby will make, and get hands-on practice responding to each. If you prefer to take only the newborn care portion or only the breastfeeding portion, please let us know and we will coordinate a single-session registration.

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I'm So Ready! <br> Let's Do It!

I'm So Ready!
Let's Do It!

Join us for learning and a healthy dose of laughter.

You're going to love it! 


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