Dinnertime Doula

March 24, 2016 - 5 minutes read

Let’s face it. Evenings with small children suck. (There, I said it so you don’t have to.)


You are juggling a wiggly baby in your arms while he’s screaming for his milk, big brother is cruising around the kitchen island narrating his airplane adventures at top volume, big sister is at your feet whining that she simply haaaaates whatever is for dinner, and the onions are burning in the pan. Your breath is slow and deliberate through gritted teeth as you try to care for everyone’s needs at once and get dinner on the table at some semblance of a reasonable meal time.

You wrangle the big kids to the table and you and your partner try to pretend you have 8 arms between you to feed one child, wipe the other, burp the baby, nab the flying green pea from the air, clean up the spilled milk, and maybe just maybe shove a cold bite of chicken into your mouth between rounds of “Please sit down” and “Elbows off the table”.

Once everyone survives dinner, it’s all you can do to rinse the dishes and leave them in the sink (no time for the dishwasher right now!) until the kids go to bed. Oh my gosh, bedtime. You still have to get through bedtime.


By this time of day, your patience meter is running on empty. Add in the fact that babies naturally cluster feed during these same stressful hours, and it’s all you can do not to collapse and wave the white flag.

Go ahead. Wave that white flag! It’s like a fancy Bat Signal to summon your Dinnertime Doula!

A postpartum doula is an expert in birth recovery, baby care, relationship building, task management, and household transitions. A postpartum doula nurtures and supports the whole family. Our Dinnertime Doula service focuses on all of these aspects specifically during the evening chaos.

Imagine an evening that doesn’t suck. That’s the beauty of counting on your Dinnertime Doula.


  • Meal Prep

    • Your recipe or ours, your Dinnertime Doula will put together a simple and healthy meal for the family.
  • Cleanup

    • All the dishes? Loaded up in the dishwasher. The kitchen counters? Wiped. Toys strewn about? Away. Laundry piled up? Folded.
  • Baby care

    • Babies have this weird shift in the evenings. They go from happy little humans who thrive on routine to cluster feeding, fussy creatures. Your doula will answer any questions you have about normal baby behaviors and affirm that you’re really not messing up this parenting thing.
    • Breastfeeding advice and assistance if needed. Or your doula can prepare a bottle and feed baby while YOU eat a meal. With both hands. And actually chew at a reasonable rate. While it’s still hot. (Do you even remember what that’s like?!)
    • Helping put some simple strategies in place to encourage a healthy sleep routine.
  • Sibling care

    • If you prefer to be the chef in the kitchen, your doula can help attend to older siblings through playtime and homework help. A Dinnertime Doula is also an excellent baby snuggler while you help your older children in the bath and prepared for the next day. And they can help you focus on one child at a time through the nighttime routine. We’ve got that extra glass of water already handy and can narrate a bedtime story like a boss.
  • Task Management

    • Simple things like packing lunches for the next day, making sure water bottles are filled, and the diaper changing station is stocked and ready to go – these are the little things that go a LONG way in making your morning smoother, too.


And fear not! If you need even more help, our postpartum doulas offer overnight care so you have as much continuous support as you need. You didn’t know #postpartumdoulasdothat and now you’re looking for more information about postpartum doulas? Check out the Louisville Area Doulas World Doula Week Blog Challenge.

You don’t have to do dinnertime alone. Bedtime doesn’t have to be a battle. Set yourself up for success with a Dinnertime Doula.


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