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What does father mean to you? To some it is most readily described as the source of half of the genes that create a new human. To others it is a provider and protector in a family. Whatever definition you associate with the word, I would like to focus here on the often overlooked permutation of the word “Father” as a verb: to father, the act of fathering, not just a proper way to say Dad.

Most topics and studies on fatherhood are largely related to dads physically being present. Anyone can tell you that it takes a matter of minutes to become a dad; this blog is bringing attention to the dads that are already physically there, but lacking confidence or free reign to actually father their children.

I have lost count of the times I hear a Dad say some variant of “I have to babysit the kids tonight.” When did fathering get demoted to the position of an underpaid teenager? More importantly how do we make the shift to dads stepping up and actively fathering? Currently more than ever the rearing of children is shared between both parents. It is time to embrace fathering and normalize active fathers from day one.

Having a new infant at home is trying for all new parents, even mothers. Chopping a father’s leg out from the beginning by assuming he is incapable, or preventing him from gaining any practical experience, is detrimental to everyone involved – we definitely shouldn’t do it to ourselves! Fathers provide some of the first experiences a child has with love not centered on sustenance. That early bonding lays the foundation for the father a man will become and the fathering he will do. We must be able and willing to find our own style of parenting, even if it makes us or our partners a little nervous at first.

As a birth professional I have endeavored to empower as many dads as possible. From childbirth and infant care classes, to postpartum doula work, I aim to give dads all of the tools they need to get out there and father. I would also like to extend an open invitation to any fathers in need out there join me for monthly dad meet ups in Phoenix every #thirdthursday.  Let’s #makefatheraverb!

Third Thursday

Join us for #thirdthursday, a monthly meet up for prospective fathers, new dads, and seasoned fathering veterans alike. Get together with a group of likeminded men in a laid back environment, to help each other along this journey to #makefatheraverb. Come give, take, or request advice. Like us on Facebook or check back in on the website for updates on times and locations of our Third Thursday monthly meet ups. Also, watch for details about our #makefatheraverb Father’s Day contest being announced this week.

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