A Little (Male) Perspective

Men have a unique journey throughout pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. In addition to learning how to care for your baby and care for your partner, you will be adjusting to caring for yourself in a new way, too. Mark of Phoenix Family Birth offers exclusive Daddy Doula services so that you get someone in your corner who really gets you


Welcome to Fatherhood

Thankfully, fatherhood has taken on a whole new definition in today's parenting world. Being a dad is a dynamic role; you are partner, father, caregiver, superhero, provider, nurturer, and ultimately you are you. Balancing all of these roles can be exhilarating and affirming, but for some dads it can be a little overwhelming, too. 


You don't have to do it alone. 



Having a Daddy Doula can mean having a guy around to talk to about general thoughts and concerns as well as what to expect as a father. Someone who can answer questions about bonding, baby care, easing relationship stress, increasing sleep, and more. It can be as simple as an extra pair of hands to help out during diaper changes and bottle feeds, a professional to help guide you in breastfeeding support, or someone who can cook up a quick meal for the family (Mark makes a mean grilled cheese and killer tacos!). Sometimes, supporting you means helping to tackle that "honey do" list, or providing company and care to your partner and baby while you scratch tasks off the page. 


Sometimes, dads experience "Mom Burnout" when they return to work - you come home after a long, tiring day on the job and you've been missing your partner and baby (and maybe your other children, too), looking so forward to relaxing with them when you get home. But when you walk in the door, you don't exactly get the greeting you expect. Instead, a baby is plopped in your arms and Mom escapes to a much-needed shower. Suddenly, the baby becomes "your" baby when the crying begins. Hiring a Daddy Doula can help with some of the translation of tired-mom-speak into a language you understand so that she feels loved and cared for, the baby's needs are met, and you feel calm and respected also. 


Becoming Dad isn't a solitary event. Choosing Phoenix Family Birth and Daddy Doula services for your team is a smart move. 

Do I Have to Choose?

If you're feeling unsure about hiring a traditional postpartum doula or a Daddy Doula, there's great news for you - you don't have to choose! 


Daddy Doula services can be booked as a standalone offering, as Mark can provide postpartum support to the whole family or just to Dad, but his services can also be booked as part of a Postpartum Pair Package. Postpartum Pair includes Daddy Doula AND one of our other postpartum doulas for truly individualized care. Strong, well-rounded support for both parents during such a special time... what could be more ideal?

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Put Me In, Coach!

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