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Bringing your baby home is one of the most exciting times in your life - but it can also be one of the most overwhelming. Let a Phoenix Family Birth postpartum doula make the adjustment to life with your newborn as comfortable as possible for the whole family. 


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Bringing your baby home is one of the most beautiful feelings in your life as a parent but like anything new, it can come with some challenges, too. The postpartum period is a time of exploration of and adjustment to your baby, your partner, your new self, your household routines. It is often accompanied with strong feelings - joy and excitement, exhaustion and uncertainty. Your Phoenix Family Birth postpartum doula is your real life fairy godmother!

Experts in this special time, we provide warmth and encouragement while alleviating any stress so that you can focus on your family. The most helpful types of support will vary from family to family. Whether you need:

  • reassuring guidance on newborn care topics like feeding and sleep
  • assistance with developing routines and systems
  • a friend who will make a cup of coffee and chat with you about your birth experience and questions about parenting
  • a trusted person to provide loving care for your baby while you enjoy a long shower or catch a nap
  • sibling care while you care for baby (or vice-versa, baby care while you spend some quality time with an older child)
  • a companion to run errands with you or for you
  • or extra hands to help tackle the basic housekeeping tasks that are piling up

we are here to help. No matter what you envision as the role of your doula, we will match you with the perfect fit from our team of experienced professionals. 

All of our postpartum doulas are trained/certified and are required to stay current on all dynamics of birth recovery, parenting, and newborn care. While we are not medical care providers, we are specially trained in helping to prevent postpartum depression, and to recognize the signs of postpartum mood disorders and connect you with the appropriate resources should they become necessary. 

When you invite a Phoenix Family Birth postpartum doula into your home, you are surrounding yourself with the best support available in this magical time. 

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How Much Support Can I Get?

The dynamics of life with a new baby can vary greatly, and we are happy to be your go-to experts. Whether you need a little or a lot of care, day or night, around the clock, we're here for you! Our postpartum doula support begins at 12 hours of care, but most families find that they benefit from more consistent support. 

We offer special rates for our larger packages so that you can secure peace of mind and lock in longevity of care. Simply call our office to discuss your goals and we will help you choose exactly what you need. 

In addition to our traditional postpartum doula care, we are proud to be your exclusive providers of specialized support for dads as they transition into fatherhood with The Daddy Doula

I Want Expert Care for My Baby & Me

I Want Expert Care for My Baby & Me

We can’t wait to begin serving your family and helping you achieve your goals.

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