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What Sleep Training Method Do You Use?

Our method is unlike any of the generic, big-box sleep systems you may have come across. Our Sleep Coaches use their training and certification with Mommywise: New York City's best sleep coach, along with years of experience working with infants and families, to implement a custom plan that includes common sense, emotional support, and logistical guidance. The sleep training method we use is based in research and has accumulated years of success stories from families just like yours.

Your baby is an individual, so it only makes sense that they need an individualized plan, not a cookie cutter system that claims to work the same way on every baby. Our method takes into account your baby's unique age, developmental stage, personality and temperament, feeding, and more, along with your family's schedule and lifestyle. We use all of these components to develop a custom sleep plan to help your baby slumber peacefully through the night and nap restfully each day - in the fastest, easiest way for them



Is Sleep Training the Same as Cry-It-Out (CIO)?

Sleep training is not synonymous with cry-it-out. The elephant in the room when it comes to the term "sleep training" is always about crying. The Phoenix Family Birth Sleep Training method aims to minimize tears and maximize sleep. 

Sleep training systems that call themselves "gentle" or "no cry" methods are never truly tear-free and, to be blunt, often cause more crying and confusion for your baby in the long run. 

It is normal for your baby to have a few tears in the beginning of the process as they adjust to something new, just like there are tears when they're learning any new skill like tummy time or rolling over. After all, crying is their most effective form of communication!

But rest assured that your Sleep Coach will be carefully monitoring your child, observing their actions, listening to their voice, and being certain that they are physically and emotionally cared for at all times. 

We will also be guiding you through the process. Your body is biologically wired to feel anxiety when you hear your own baby cry for any reason. Your Sleep Coach is an objective part of the team, an expert in babies and sleep, who can help you learn the difference between your baby crying for a need and using their voice to express their opinion.

While we can't promise zero crying, we can promise that we'll help your baby learn to sleep independently without excessive crying, and we won't leave them unattended to CIO through the process. 


What's the Best Age to Sleep Train my Baby?

The best time to sleep train is whenever you are ready to sleep train, all caregivers are aligned and ready to implement the plan consistently, and your baby is developmentally able to sleep train.

In our experience, the most ideal time to sleep train is when your baby is sometime in the window of 4-5 months old. That said, we will happily work with babies a bit younger who show signs of developmental readiness (and/or have worked with us for newborn sleep conditioning) through toddlers 18 months of age; older toddlers are also welcomed on a case by case basis. 


How Do I Know When My Baby is Developmentally Ready for Sleep Training?

Signs of readiness include:

* the Moro reflex (startle reflex) is diminishing or gone

* your baby can intentionally get their hands to their face

* meeting milestones

* weight gain is on track and your baby is able to safely reduce to one feeding or zero feedings overnight

* currently healthy and not experiencing acute teething symptoms during the onset of sleep training


How Long Will it Take to Sleep Train my Baby?

If your baby is healthy and you have a Certified Sleep Coach with you in your home, your baby will be sleep trained in as little as 48 hours. Yes, we're serious! It sounds impossible, but we do it all the time and we offer a 100% guarantee. 

Some families prefer a little more reassurance and in-person guidance, so we do offer a 72 hour package if you want an additional bedtime of support. 


What is the 4 Month Sleep Regression? Or the 9 Month Sleep Regression? Can Sleep Training Help?

The 4 month and 9 month sleep regressions are really a misnomer. Your baby isn't back-sliding or regressing; they're leaping forward! These "regression" periods coincide with times that your baby is making major cognitive strides.

At around 4 months old, your baby is transitioning from a sleepy newborn to an alert, curious, and more wakeful baby who is aware of their surroundings and recognizing that they have influence over their environment. It's a double-edged sword. Your baby is becoming more interactive and learning rapidly! But it also changes their sleep patterns.

Most families find that their babies who were once "good sleepers", even sleeping 6-8 hours overnight around 3 months, suddenly wake frequently again near 4 months. This is normal and common, because as your baby grows their physiology and reflexes change, and along with them, their sleep cycles. They have a harder time dozing in and out of sleep the way they could as a newborn. 

The good news is that we can totally help! The best part is that once your baby is getting the sleep they need, day and night, they become even more fun when exploring the world around them, because they're rested and refreshed. 


How Do I Know If Phoenix Family Birth Can Really Help Me?

We promise only to accept you as a paid client if we're 100% certain that we can help you sleep train your baby. Phoenix Family Birth exists to provide the best care for families, and we simply won't waste your time or money if we're not fully, completely sure that your whole family is ready for sleep training. 

Before we come to your home, we provide you with a Complimentary Sleep Assessment, where we get on the phone together and a Certified Sleep Coach gets to know more about your family, your current sleep situation, and your desired sleep goals. They're listening actively to determine if we're a good fit for your needs. We only accept clients if we can guarantee with absolute certainty that we can sleep train your baby. Click here for your Sleep Assessment.

The biggest changes happen during our days and nights in your home, and your baby will be sleep trained. But our sleep training support continues for up to 4 weeks to help you resolve any issues, modify your child's sleep plan to perfection, and maintain successful sleep for years to come. 


What if Sleep Training Doesn't Work?

We totally understand - you're exhausted and it feels like you've tried it all. You're not ready to invest in just another sleep training thing if it's not a guarantee. 

We promise you that we want to keep our 100% success rate in tact, so it will work. We promise we will not let you fail. We promise that your baby will become a good sleeper.

If you encounter a bump in the road, your Sleep Coach will be there, guiding you through whatever setback you face and helping you build confidence to maintain your sleep plan all on your own. 

If we learn about your baby's sleep challenges and we don't think we can help, we'll tell you directly. We know that time is your most precious resource and we won't waste a minute of it if we know we aren't the right fit for your family. We'll even help connect you with another sleep consultant if possible. Our ultimate goal is to help you sleep, however that needs to happen.


Do I Have to Host My Sleep Coach During Their Time In My Home?

No! We come to your home to support you. Your Sleep Coach will bring everything they need. If your family has extras during meals and would like to share, we always welcome a bite to eat, but we never expect it!

And you won't have to entertain your Sleep Coach. We are by your side when we need to be, providing guidance and answering questions, observing your baby for signs of sleep, and helping you implement your custom sleep plan. Other times, we'll make ourselves scarce and out of the way.

We disrupt your family's flow as little as possible. We know that we're in your home, and we expect that you'll be just as comfortable and real as you are on any other day. 


Can You Help my Baby Transition Into Sleeping in a Room With a Big Sibling?

Definitely! Our method will help your baby to sleep even if they share a room with a big brother or sister. 


Can You Sleep Train my Twins if They Share a Room?

Absolutely! As a parent of multiples, sleep may have been even harder to come by until now. We can get your twins (or triplets) sleep trained at the same time. 


Do You Offer Phone Consultations or Virtual Sleep Support?

On a very limited, case-by-case basis, we will provide a phone consultation to troubleshoot a sleep issue without having completed in-home sleep training. However, this service is not the same as sleep training and does not come with any guarantee whatsoever. 

In order to guarantee your success and offer the level of care that you deserve, we know that it's crucial to be in your home, observing your baby in real time, and coaching you in person through the entire sleep training process. We need to understand the whole picture in order to best craft a plan for your baby and your family. 


Do You Recommend Any Books About Sleep Training?

We don't, and the reason is simple: if there was one identical strategy that worked for every baby, there wouldn't be so many books about baby sleep. You could read all the books about sleep training and frankly, you'd only be more confused than when you started!

Books are good in theory, but they lack in execution. They don't adapt to your baby's specific responses, they don't teach you how to make decisions in the middle of the night, and they can't emotionally support you when you're feeling unsure or worried. Your Sleep Coach does. 

When you work with a Phoenix Family Birth Sleep Coach, we are with you, in your home, holding your hand and giving hour by hour advice before, during, and after sleep training. We get to know you. We get to know your baby. We don't know any book out there that can do all of that. 


What Area Do You Serve?

We primarily work with families in the Phoenix Metro Area. (Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Ahwatukee, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Surprise, etc.)

We are happy to sleep train throughout the US or abroad for a travel surcharge. 


If I'm Ready to Work With You, What's the Next Step?

Your next step is to get in touch with us and book your Complimentary Sleep Assessment. On this call, we'll discuss in greater detail what your current sleep situation looks like and how we can get your family slumbering sweetly once again. 


Are you ready to get your bed - and your life - back?

Are you ready to get your bed - and your life - back?

All you have to do next is schedule your Complimentary Sleep Assessment and we'll be happy to get you on your way to sweet dreams.


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