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You may have heard of - and even tried - the big box sleep systems. Brands like the Ferber Method, the No Cry Sleep Solution, the Sleep Lady Shuffle, and Babywise. Maybe you've also tried techniques like Pick-Up/Put-Down, Fading, or the Disappearing Chair.


So now you've found yourself wondering...

Why don't they work?!



Unlike other sleep training systems or theories you've found, the Phoenix Family Birth method includes lots of personalization, emotional support, and logistical guidance.

Books and generic programs can't understand your baby and they aren't designed with your family in mind. 

Our Sleep Coaches are certified through Mommywise: a time-tested, parent-approved method of sleep training with a 100% success rate (yes, really!) that has helped hundreds of families across North America. 


Our method is designed precisely for your baby. It utilizes lots of common sense, real-time adjustment and adaptation, and truly personal support.

Our In-Home Sleep Training Programs are based on a simple and customizable 3-step process that you won't find anywhere else in Phoenix. 

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Our 3-Step Sleep Method

1. Detailed Assessment & Getting to Know You

Before we meet in person, you will complete a comprehensive intake questionnaire to help us get really clear on your current needs and desired goals. This ensures that when your Sleep Training Program begins, we're all ready to jump right in and get started.

Next, your Certified Sleep Coach will come to your home, get to know all the fine details about your family, your baby, your home, and any obstacles that may be standing in your way. 


2. Your In-Home Supported Sleep Training & Customized Action Plan

Depending on which In-Home Sleep Training Program you select, your Sleep Coach will stay with you in your home for 72 hours, 48 hours, or 3 consecutive nights.

During this highly focused time, we will get to understand your baby's habits and needs while taking into account their age, developmental stage, temperament and personality, feeding, and more. We will fine-tune your custom sleep plan and modify it in real-time as needed during the 48-72 hours that we are with you. 


Every step of the way, we are ensuring that your baby is cared for and sleep-trained.

Just as importantly, we are supporting you through the whole process with emotional support and expert guidance. We'll teach you how to best respond to your baby's needs instead of reacting to their habits, and we'll make sure that you feel confident maintaining your sleep plan during our time together and after we're gone. 


3. Implementation & Extended Support

Our Sleep Training Programs are built to continue supporting you. We include scheduled coaching calls as well as ongoing phone and email support as needed for up to 4 weeks after your In-Home Supported Sleep Training.

We include this feature because it takes time and consistent practice to change routines, overcome regressions, recover from sleep deprivation, and ensure that new habits stick. 

Your baby will be sleep trained after 48 hours, but the ongoing support will guarantee that your baby is a great sleeper forever!

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"I tried sleep training my baby myself at 6 months and it was awful. I thought I'd tried every method and was doubtful that Phoenix Family Birth sleep training would really work, but I invested out of desperation. Sleep deprivation and postpartum anxiety were a combination I couldn't take anymore.

My only complaint is that I didn't call them sooner. Bethany completely put my husband and I at ease. She really cared about our baby and was very responsive. We were pleasantly surprised that she took our thoughts and parenting style into consideration and was so easy to talk to. She made sure we were aware and ready for each step in the process. 

Please do yourself a favor and hire them. They make it so simple and are so kind!"  - Brittany L., Paradise Valley

The 5 Key Elements of the Phoenix Family Birth Sleep Training Method

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Every family is unique, so every approach is slightly different. However, here are the 5 elements we'll cover together:

Managing Your Energy

When you try to sleep train your baby by following a book, you're going to feel nervous, confused, and insecure about whether what you're doing is actually going to work. In turn, you're probably passing that sensation of fear onto your baby when you put them down to sleep. This is natural and normal. 

However, when your Certified Sleep Coach is with you during the sleep training process, we help you manage your energy. We turn confusion into understanding and insecurity into confidence. This is what your baby will feel from you when you lay them down for bed. 


Changing Sleep Routines

How your baby falls asleep is the heart of the problem. It's also the solution! Your baby is probably comfortable falling asleep during a feeding or rocking in your arms, but this is preventing them from learning how to sleep independently. 

While we're with you in your home, we'll help you analyze your current sleep routines and make changes to your baby's sleep associations (how they know it's time for sleep) to set you up for success.

We'll help you teach your baby how to fall asleep independently without needing your "help". Just like crawling, talking, and throwing a ball, falling - and staying -  asleep independently is a skill that your baby must learn. You can be their best teacher, and we'll guide you along the way. 


Minimizing Tears

The Million Dollar Question every parent wants to know: Will my baby cry during sleep training?

Here's the most honest answer you'll ever get: If you want to empower your baby to learn to sleep independently without excessive crying, there will be a few tears in the beginning. We will discuss this at length, and we'll co-create your sleep plan in a way that will minimize tears, make sleep training effective yet smooth for your baby, and lead you to sustainable success.


Understanding Reacting vs. Responding

If your baby wakes up crying, you naturally assume they need something. It may be true that your baby has a genuine need (a dirty diaper, hunger, etc.) and we don't want you to ignore that!

Right now, though, you're probably reacting to every wake up because you aren't sure if your baby has a need or is waking up out of habit. Once your baby is sleeping through the night, however, you will understand and KNOW if there is a genuine need that requires an immediate response.

By the end of our work together, you will be empowered and fully prepared for what to expect next, including how to adjust the nap schedule as your baby grows, and how to manage developmental changes along the way.


Overcoming Setbacks

Sleep training is never a linear process. That's why it's so important to have the personal support of a certified Sleep Coach behind you after your baby is sleeping independently night and day.

We include 4 weeks of ongoing support after your in-home experience because, inevitably, your baby will go through a developmental leap, sprout a new tooth, or get sick. These changes may disrupt sleep and feel like a failure, but they're totally normal detours on the path to sound sleep. 

When we work together, we'll show you how to jump any hurdles so that you're 100% confident and can do it on your own in the future. 


Bonus: THRIVE!

Once you've recovered from sleep deprivation, ANYTHING is possible! We encourage you to thrive by setting additional goals beyond sleep.

You may want to schedule regular date nights with your partner, squeeze in an evening workout, or pick up your favorite hobby again. Maybe it's as simple as catching up on the DVR. 

We want you to feel less anxious and frustrated, and more confident, connected, energetic, and happy


refreshed mom wakes up energetic and stretches after sleeping through the night


Let Us Help!

Let Us Help!

Your baby can sleep, and so can you. If you're ready to learn if sleep training with us is right for you, start with a Complimentary Sleep Assessment. 

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