Sleep doesn't have to be a thing of the past

You need sleep, and so does your baby. You've read the books and blogs, but the sleep deprivation is getting worse, not better. We can help. 

Our Sleep Training Programs are designed with you and your individual baby in mind - you'll get expert guidance from a Certified Sleep Coach right in your own home in real time, implementing a customized plan that's based on your family's needs.

You'll learn to understand your baby's unique sleep cues and how to tell the difference between habits and needs, empowering you with confidence in your parenting instincts in a whole new way.

With guaranteed results, we'll help you and your baby sleep peacefully in no time. 


We can have you sleeping in no time. The first step is a Complimentary Sleep Assessment.

Remember the good old days?

The ones where you went to bed and slept peacefully all night long, waking up refreshed and ready to tackle your busy day?

We want to bring those days back.
a Black couple sleeps soundly in their bed, snuggled up together, because they have sleep trained their baby







With a baby in the mix, you probably haven't had a great night's sleep in.... Well, how old is your baby? 

You're tired of being tired. You have that "2pm wall" feeling all day long. Your life exists in a haze of sleep deprivation. 

You thought it was just part of the parenting gig. Everyone is exhausted after a baby, right? It's something everyone just has to deal with. 


You don't have to live like this. It's true, becoming a parent comes with a certain level of tiredness. But "World's Most Exhausted Parent" isn't a badge that anyone wants to wear.

Chronic sleep deprivation is a real problem, for you and for your baby -- emotionally, physically, and mentally. You both deserve the sleep you want and need for a healthy, happy life. 


Maybe you're just realizing you need more sleep but you don't know where to start.

Or maybe you think you've tried it all; you've read every book and every blog, used every mommy group suggestion, and spent a week Googling:

"Baby sleep tips", "When will my baby sleep through the night?", and "Sleep training methods".

And yet....

Your Baby Just. Won't. Sleep.


a frustrated mother peers over crib because baby won't sleep


We can help! It starts with a Complimentary Sleep Assessment HERE

Let a Phoenix Family Birth Certified Sleep Coach show you a world where:

* your baby knows how to easily fall asleep in their crib - nighttime or naptime,

* takes predictable naps and slumbers peacefully for 11-12 hours each night,

* and always wakes up happy and refreshed. 


This can be YOUR world. 



Ask Yourself:

What kind of parent would I be if I got a full night's sleep every day?

How would I reconnect with my partner and baby (and other children) if I felt rested?

How would I perform at work and at home if I wasn't sleep deprived?

What would I do if I had my evenings back?


happy couple reconnecting with playful cuddles while baby sleeps



If you're ready to rekindle your relationship with your pillow and take control of your life again, let's talk!

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"I had no idea how bad our whole family's sleep deprivation had gotten. Before sleep training, it took almost an hour of rocking and patting to get our 10 month old to bed and then was up as often as when she was a newborn. She was so fussy day and night. We never got more than a 2-hour stretch of sleep at a time. I feel like Bethany gave us our whole life back in just two days. Our whole family is happier and sleeping consistently. I didn't believe it could happen so fast. Thank you so much, Phoenix Family Birth!" - Damon B., Scottsdale

How is this different than all the other things I've tried?

a baby smiles as he reads a blue book

Your baby is an individual. There isn't a book, blog, or chart out there that understands the intricacies of your baby's personality and particular needs, that knows your parenting approach, and is adapted specifically to your home's lifestyle. 

A voice on the phone or the words in an email may be a great start, but it's impossible to get the full picture from a distance.



With our method of sleep training, your Sleep Coach will attend to every detail.

They will get to deeply know you, your baby, your needs, and your goals.

They take into account your routines and schedules, your baby's temperament and developmental stages, feeding and nutrition, and more. Using all of these pieces, they will design a custom sleep plan tailored exactly to your baby - no cookie cutter approach!


Then, here's the most important difference between our method and others: when it's time to implement your sleep plan, you're not on your own.

For 48-72 hours, your Sleep Coach is in your home, helping to gently reshape habits and routines in real time so that your baby sleeps through the night. They are right there beside you, expertly guiding you through every bit of the process.

Each family also gets 4 weeks of ongoing follow-up support to celebrate successes and refine the plan.


Plus, every sleep package comes with a 100% guarantee that your baby will be successfully sleep trained and you will be able to navigate any changes that arise, such as teething, illness, or a developmental leap. 


Want to learn more?

Use the buttons below to learn about our sleep training method, get your most common questions answered, or contact us today for your Complimentary Sleep Assessment  and make your dreams of sleep a reality. 



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