Doula Lindsey Gemme

Lindsey Gemme

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Birth Doula

At one time or another in a woman’s life, she feels little to no self confidence in herself or abilities, afraid or helpless; she feels very alone because she doesn’t know who to turn to.

Up until the age of 30, Lindsey felt this way. She suffered from very crippling low self-confidence, terrified of herself and unable to identify or speak up for her needs. That is until her world was shaken up by the sudden death of her grandmother in 2011. This devastating loss woke Lindsey from fear of life, to complete love for every day we are lucky to live. From that day on, Lindsey has been dedicated to healing herself, and supporting other women on their journey.

Lindsey has always been in love with natural healing, with a keen focus on women’s wellness and pregnancy. Her personal spiritual quest has brought her specifically to the world of birthwork over the last few years – birth being one of the most personal, intimate, transformational, and oftentimes most feared experience a woman has in her life. Lindsey believes that no women deserves to feel alone, afraid, or helpless in birth. And that is what makes Lindsey so perfect as a doula, inspiring confidence and a sense of well-being in mothers-to-be.

After spending almost 10 years working as an editor and photojournalist, Lindsey followed her heart in making a career change in 2011. She has earned varied certificates over the years, including one in life coaching, reiki touch healing, tai chi practice, holistic nutrition and her associate’s in dietetics. She is now also a certified nutritionist (NDTR), breastfeeding educator, and a doula since 2016, while working toward her IBCLC certification. She is also an award-winning photographer, a writer, a community theatre actress, and dedicated yogi.

Her past experience dealing with, and overcoming fear through creativity and education has made her an extremely empathetic guide for her clients through labor and birth. Her holistic approach to doula support includes helping each client practice mindfulness and acceptance, release fears and to identify and trust her own flawless intuition to facilitate a satisfying and empowering birth experience. She also diligently supports her clients prenatally on physical health coaching (exercise, personal chi, and nutrition), as well as emotional health (coaching her clients related to their fears and beliefs related to birth and motherhood), and spiritual health.

Lindsey is compassionate and calm, providing unwavering support throughout labor and birth, while also documenting photographically those precious first few moments when parents meet their child for the first time. She very much looks forward to holding your hand on your first or next journey to motherhood.

Doula Lindsey Gemme