Nicole Eddings

Affiliated Services: Birth Doula, Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Nicole has always had the nurturing mother instinct since she was tasked with helping to care for her brother and other family members from a young age.  That feeling was compounded during her tenure at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland where she served as a bilingual interpreter in Labor & Delivery.

Through the years, she has been the support for many friends and family including the birth of her nephew. That was the catalyst in her decision of becoming an official doula.

Nicole is experienced in labor and postpartum and provides all-around nurturing support and care for our PFB families.

She resides in Mesa with her husband, Roth, and 10 year old son, Nicolas.  Nicole is a passionate “New Yorker”, self-proclaimed “foodie”, and loves to DIY on her spare time.