Tiana Suzuki

Affiliated Services: Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

As a mother of 4, Tiana truly understands that flexibility and support is KEY. Four completely different births, completely different recovery periods, and the completely different personalities of her children combined to create the parent she is today. Through teaching dance for 17 years, she has been able to build relationships with families from all walks and stages of life. Tiana’s willingness to meet people where they are makes being your doula a perfect next step.

Following her passion for serving, she completed Postpartum & Infant Care Doula training while pregnant with her fourth child. Her real life experience through parenthood and dance combined with the professional training she received strengthened her goals to support and assist new caregivers and their families.

Tiana values unbiased support, compassion, and empathy in every area of her life. Every caregiver should feel confident in their skills, powerful in their choices, and connected with their children no matter what. She is ready to walk with you through your journey as a new parent!