Postpartum Doula Care: What is it and why would I want it?

As a postpartum doula in Phoenix, it’s unusual that I meet a new mother or father that is feeling confident when they call our agency to inquire about postpartum doula services.

It’s much more common that they are experiencing the emotions that are not so fun to deal with when you bring your new baby home: fear, overwhelm, exhaustion, confusion, worry, doubt.

It is our job and our true honor to serve families in the vulnerable, critical postpartum period and help them navigate through the fog of doubt into the joys of being a parent. Yes, I said joy. The postpartum time can absolutely be a time of excitement, happiness, pride, and self-assurance.

For most new parents, the first days and weeks are a mix of both.

I know I have succeeded at my job as a postpartum doula when my clients’ own inner confidence shines through again.

When a mom excitedly tells me how fast her baby reached birth weight when breastfeeding.

When a dad brags that he is proud of figuring out how to get his newborn to sleep longer stretches overnight.

When a couple shares that they feel really sure about their decision whether or not to get their baby vaccinated after reading resources on risks and benefits of newborn vaccines.

So after you’ve filled out our Easy Postpartum Plan Worksheet, take a look at what you’ve come up with. Who will you count on to support you and help you with each of those items?

Our suggestion: Give yourself the best push present of all and hire a postpartum doula!

What does a postpartum doula do? Why should you hire a postpartum doula?

You can assign all those little checkboxes to your postpartum doula to handle for you.

You can have a companion to talk with about all your choices and who will affirm that you are already a rockstar parent from day one.

You can take comfort in knowing that there is a trusted set of extra hands available to lovingly care for your baby while you enjoy a refreshing shower or sink into a delicious nap.

You can be assured that someone experienced is there to help you establish routines and provide thorough, high-quality information and resources for all of those questions you’ll come up with.

You can stop worrying about making meals and washing dishes and folding laundry.

You can help prevent the risk of postpartum depression.

You can have dedicated time with your older children while your doula cares for your infant, or you can spend uninterrupted bonding time while your doula cares for your bigger kids.

With your postpartum doula by your side and at your service, you are taking the best step toward being sure that you maximize your recovery time, that your family is well taken care of, and that your home continues to run smoothly and peacefully.

Let a postpartum doula serve your family so that you can experience the joy and the confidence during the early weeks home with baby.


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