Traversing Birth Childbirth Education Course
Class Topics Covered Include:

 Class one: Belly Basics

  • Building Your Birth Team

    The differences between an OB/GYN and a midwife, and how to find the right fit for you
    How to tell if your provider aligns with your birth goals
    Doula Support: what it is, how it helps, and whether it is right for your birth


  • Decision Making Process

    How to ask effective questions
    Making decisions you feel sure about
    Communicating your wishes with confidence


  • Working Together

    Mom's role, Dad's role, and how to work well with your care providers and support team
    How birth impacts us as individual parents


  • Nutrition and Exercise

    Making healthy choices, no matter your starting point


  • The Mental Mindset

    How to "get your head in the game" and keep it there with positive approaches to your birth


Class Two: Baby Time

  • Physiology of Labor & Birth

    Signs and stages of labor
    What happens to your body and baby throughout each
    Hormones and the role they play


  • Labor Progression

    Normal expectations of labor and strategies to keep labor moving
    Deciding the "right" time to go to the hospital or birth center
    What to do if labor slows, stalls, or stops


  • Comfort Measures

    Medical options, natural options, and choosing what's right for you


  • Positions

    The effects and benefits of different positions
    Position practice


  • Common Interventions

    What they are, why they're sometimes necessary, and how to remain assured when making choices about them


Class Three: Birth Planning

  • Writing Your Birth Plan

What a birth plan is
Writing the first draft
Tips and advice for writing a stellar birth plan

  • Labor Simulation

Putting what you have learned into practice



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